A Reputation For Tire Value


Iconic Brand in Canada

Over the years, Big O Tires stores across British Columbia have built a reputation for offering tire value and excellence in customer service. Our story all started the same year Danny DeVito took the helm of a tired old taxi depot on TV, Reeses introduced its ‘pieces’ and Garfield changed our impression of cats forever!

In 1978, Big O Tires hung its first shingles in British Columbia under the newly formed group operating as Big O Tires (1978) Ltd.

Our 40+ year history in BC shows a track record of delivering outstanding service and exceptional value to customers in the markets we serve.

Over the years, more and more independent tire shops and service centres have joined our group. Today, our reach expands as far north as Prince George down to the Okanagan in the south and all the way over to Vancouver Island.

But to borrow from the immortal words of broadcasting great, Steve Harvey, that’s not the rest of the story!


Something BIG!

It all begins in 1962…

To appreciate the whole Big O story, you have to turn the clocks back to 1962. Back then, Sean Connery’s James Bond was facing off against Dr. No. John Glenn took a few laps around the planet. Movie Starlet, Marylin Monroe tragically died of a drug overdose.

At the same time, the market in the US for replacement tires was exploding. But independent tire dealers found themselves struggling to compete with major tire manufacturers’ own company stores.

That’s when a handful of progressive independent tire dealers realized that they could band together. By uniting to form a tire-buying cooperative they could secure volume pricing. This allowed stores to compete with the manufacturers. And while able to compete on price, stores could still offer the personalized service customers could only expect from their local service shop.

The brand heads northbound…

In the years that followed, Big O Tires evolved into a full-fledged franchise operation throughout the US. The company also continued to find innovative ways to benefit independent dealerships and their customers.

By 1978, word had spread north about Big O Tires success. Independent tire stores and service centres in Canada recognized the value of the Big O model. The appeal of competitive pricing while still maintaining exceptional customer service was a compelling formula.

In 1996, Big O Tires joined forces with TBC Corporation. At that time, TBC was one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires.

Today, a Canadian retail success story…

Today, Big O Tires has over 450 locations across 25 states in the US. In Canada, Big O’s 24 stores in British Columbia serve customers across the province. All of this means we serve the needs of more customers than almost any other retail tire brand in North America. And we’re proud of that success!

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