Introducing Big O Tires new customer charge account!

Need new tires? Looking at getting some repair work done? Why pay now when you can charge those tires or that repair work and pay later! Our easy payment Charge•It account allows you to get what you need now and pay it off over time!

Is the Big O Tires Charge•It Account like a credit card?

No. Our Charge•It account is like a convenient credit line granted to you at our BC Big O Tires stores. Unlike a credit card, there’s no application credit process because the amount you can charge to the account is based on the value of your vehicle not your credit rating!

So what does the account cover?

Everything and anything you can get at any Big O Tires store. Tires, auto repair, tune-ups… use the Charge•It account for everything!

So how do you get an account?

That’s the easy part. You simply sign up using the form below. NO credit checks. NO approval periods. Sign up and we’ll send you a Charge•It account convenience card you can show when you visit your local BC Big O Tires store. You can start using your account right away!

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for the Big O Tires

CHARGE•IT account