* * * UPDATE – FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2020 * * *

In response to some customers inquiring as to whether auto service businesses like ours should be staying open at this time, please note, we are following the BC Government list of essential services guidelines. According to the Government of BC:

“Essential services are those daily services essential to preserving life, health, public safety and basic societal functioning. They are the services British Columbians come to rely on in their daily lives.

In consultation with the PHO, essential services should and are encouraged to remain open. They must, however, follow the orders and guidance provided by the PHO to ensure safe operations and reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

To read the official Govt of BC essential services list and guidelines, click here or visit

The safety of our customers and employees is our number one priority at Big O Tires. However, during this difficult and challenging period, we recognize the responsibility we have as an essential service in our communities throughout BC. For that reason, many of our stores will be staying open to serve customers. We encourage customers to contact their local store to ensure theirs is open.

In the meantime, we will be taking the following steps to minimize any risk of transmitting the virus.

  • Requiring employees to increase hand washing practices and observe safe coughing etiquette
  • Significantly increasing cleaning and disinfecting protocols of public areas, washrooms and service areas, with particular attention to ‘at risk’ surfaces (door handles, counter tops, etc.)
  • Not accepting cash – Debit or credit card transactions only at this time
  • Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting any handled surfaces inside our customers’ vehicles after completing work (steering wheels, gear shifters, etc.)
  • Practicing safe social distancing (min. 6’) at all our stores. This includes maintaining safe social distancing between employees and our customers as well as between employees themselves
  • Closing all in-store waiting and seating areas
  • Minimizing unnecessary items that can be handled (coffee machines, magazines, etc)
  • Eliminating non-essential gatherings between employees (staff meetings, team lunches, etc.)
  • Requiring any employees exhibiting symptoms consistent with the COVID-19 virus to stay home and self-isolate. Similarly, we are requiring any employees who have been in contact with anyone who has the COVID-19 virus, to refrain from coming to work.

In addition to the measures our team is taking, we ask customers do their part to minimize the spread of the virus by observing the following practices when visiting a Big O Tires store:

  • Minimize time spent inside the store. We will do our part to take your information and process you as quickly as we can
  • Request quotes and book appointments by phone or online instead of in-person
  • Maintain a safe social distance (6 feet minimum) from other customers and Big O staff
  • Refrain from using our public washrooms unless absolutely necessary

Especially during times of emergency and crisis like these, ensuring you have reliable transportation is critical. We understand that and that’s why we’re here to help!