Far Eastern Tire Brand Gains Traction On Canadian Roads

The average automobile on the road today weighs in at just over 4,000 lbs. To push all that weight around requires an engine generating more power than all the horses combined in an entire days racing at any horserace track in the world!

That’s a ton of weight (two tons, actually) and a lot of power to control. To accomplish that, we rely on four precision crafted rings of rubber, fabric and wire we call tires.

When you stop to think about how much rides on our tires, it’s no wonder why there are so many tire choices and options out there.

It’s also not surprising that many people spare no expense choosing the top tier tires for their vehicles, which is fine if you can afford it. But is it always necessary to invest in the most expensive tires on the market or can a good budget tire do the trick?

The answer depends on your driving needs and which budget tire you choose.

While many lower end tires out there are poor equivalents to their higher price-tagged cousins, there is one recent entry into the tire domain that’s making a name for itself for offering the unique combination of quality and affordability. That brand is Rovello and the manufacturer behind it is a Chinese company called Sailun.

Now when we say Sailun is a recent entry into the tire market, keep in mind Sailun has been making tires for about 16 years. But when compared to Goodyear, a brand that’s been around since the end of the 19th century, in ‘tire years’ Sailun isn’t even a toddler yet!

If you haven’t heard of Rovelo before, don’t feel bad, Sailun has been taking a patient and strategic approach to introducing their tires to the Canadian market.

Rather than flood tire stores with massive quantities of their rubber, devaluing their product from the get-go, Sailun has pinpointed specific distributors and specific tire retail stores through which to reach Canadian drivers. Big O Tires, is one of those retailers.

“It’s really a great tire and ideal for many drivers”, says Barry Peterson, owner of Big O Tires in Chilliwack, BC.

“Tire stores like ours don’t usually get too excited about lower price point products because frankly, their quality rarely reaches a comfort level we can feel good about. But Rovelo is a rare breed that way. It’s a tire we can offer customers with confidence but also save customers some money in the process!” adds Peterson.

But can Rovelos stack up against more expensive tier two offerings from companies like Yokohama, Pirelli or Hankook?

In a recent blind informal test that placed over a dozen auto journalists behind the wheels of Ford vehicles equipped with a variety of different tier 2 tire products, and of course Rovelo tires, where the rubber met the road the journalists agreed that the feel and handling of the Rovelo product was little to no different than that of its tier two competitors.

In fact, several journalists noted the Rovelo was the quietest of the tires they road tested.

So what’s the final word on Rovelo?

For drivers needing a tire crafted to handle the toughest challenges thrown at it, a tier two product may still be the most practical, albeit more expensive choice.

But for the rest of us needing a simpler, straightforward, well-made tire at an affordable price, considering the price point for Rovelo can be between 40 – 60% lower than a tier two equivalent, a set of Rovelos may just fit the bill nicely while offering the level of safety, reliability and control needed!

Big O Tires is one of the few retail chains in Canada currently offering Rovello. Listen to your vehicle and find out more about Rovelo tires. Visit your local Big O Tires store today!

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